Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shift in focus to genetic engineering and synthetic biology

I've been working as a genetic engineer slash yeast geneticist at a small start-up biotech in the Bay Area for over a year, and because of the progress we've made in that short time, I've become more interested in the overall fields of genetic engineering and synthetic biology. I also read the book Biopunk, which I didn't like much but got me thinking about biological hackers and DIY bio. Because that's what I'm thinking about more and more these days, I'm shifting the focus of this blog from general biology and biology-tinged science to these more specific topics.

As a preview to this new focus, I'm linking to my company's major paper, published in Science in January 2012. Our work has grown and expanded since this paper was written, but the paper provides the framework and motivation for our current efforts in the biofuels industry.

An engineered microbial platform for direct biofuel production from brown macroalgae.